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Energy solution provider

Energy X Company Limited provides energy services. Operate as an installer and sell solar energy systems and other energy systems, we provide design services solar power system Electrical system design control system design Providing high quality products with control and management.

Solar power system

Our team is experienced and licensed in installing solar energy systems. We give advice Analyze suitability, design, procure equipment, install, and maintain solar energy systems for customers. In order for customers to get the most benefit from the system Solar energy is efficient, safe and environmentally friendly.

Electrical systems for factories

We have a team of engineers with experience and expertise in designing, installing, and maintaining electrical systems to suit the needs of our customers. We also provide advice and professional solutions to problems related to electrical systems. If you are looking for electrical system design services for factories that are quality, safe and efficient. We are ready to serve you.

Electrical control system within the factory

We are a company with experience in designing electrical control systems within factories.​ With expertise and responsibility Whether it is a large or small factory We are able to meet customer needs with efficiency and quality. We give importance to saving energy. and improving machine efficiency.
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Our Services

We provide a complete solar cell service. including engineering, procurement, installation and after-sales service.

EPC construction contractor

Responsible for work from design until installation in the factory Certification of testing according to standards and deliver the project completely.

Develop PPA projects

Prepare a PPA or solar energy purchase agreement. that can be produced from Solar Rooftop, which is a solar panel installed on the roof.

Procurement and distribution

Procurement and distribution of solar panels With a team of installation experts.

Operate and maintain

Our team of experts provides the best solutions for you. Since installation From testing to maintenance and problem solving.

Why Energy X is your best choice?

Energy X Company Limited provides energy services. Operating as a manufacturer and sell solar energy systems and other energy systems We provide design services. solar power system Electrical system design Control system design, procurement and installation with a team of installation experts. and large projects We are committed to providing quality, safe and efficient service. to our customers We are happy to provide advice and solve any problems related to solar energy in a friendly and friendly manner.


We help you reduce carbon emissions and save on costs at the same time.

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